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'Sup? Cape Cod: Looking For A Great SUP Beach?

    In the past ten years, a new water sport has grown immensely in popularity. What was once a fringe activity, most commonly referred to as ‘stand up surfing’ and taking place in Hawaii and Asia, SUP is now a staple on American beaches, from coast to coast. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. This sport couldn’t be simpler to get involved with. All you need to get onto the water as a bonafide SUP enthusiast is a long paddle board, generally foam, a paddle, and a swimsuit (don’t forget the sunscreen). The ease of getting involved with SUP...

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4 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From UV Rays

Beach Climbing Conditioner Golfing Hats Hydrate Cream Nosecoat Polarized Sunglasses Sun Exposure SunBum Sunlight SunScreen Surfing UV Protection UV Rays Zinka

We all know that when you’re planning to be out in the scorching sun all day you’ve got to lather on the sunscreen to avoid skin damage. But there are quite a few other sun safety rules and important SPF tips that are crucial to make sure you’re being as gentle on that skin as it deserves. To give you a leg up we’ve compiled a few products with some additional benefits and some clues about which circumstances to break them out in. Solar Recover Hydrate Cream- Regardless of how good (or not so good) you’ve been to your skin...

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The Perfect Gifts For Groups - We've Got You Covered

Bridesmaids Gifts Corporate Gifts Golf Outing Gifts Groomsmens Gifts Sunglasses as Gifts Wedding Party Gifts

Picking out just the right gift for someone can be stressful enough, but when you’ve got to purchase for a group or corporate event, the decision can be impossible. The gift that you give to a group or team can do a lot to determine the dynamic and culture, and, if you’re buying unique pieces, can speak directly for your company! To help in the sometimes-daunting process of selecting just the right gift to give, we’ve made it easy for you and they’ll be sure to get more use than the same ol’ tote bag or t-shirt. X-Wear, along with...

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Richochet the SURFice Dog

Animals Dogs Fundraising PTSD puppy prodigy Rip Curl Rick Service Animals Surfing Therapeutic Dogs

  So you’ve learned how to surf and you’re feeling pretty cool about it? Good! Now imagine trying to surf without using arms or legs but with a… tail! Ricochet is a, now retired, world-famous surf dog. Not only has Ricochet mastered the art of solo surfing but she can surf tandem (she has even surfed with a goat)! Ricochet has made headlines the world over for her surfing feats, even inspiring other dog owners as far as South Africa to teach their dogs to surf. As if it weren’t enough that Ricochet is an actual SURFING DOG, she’s decided...

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The Incredible Michelle Salt

Bicyclist Canada Fitness Model Inpirational Motorcycle Paralympic Athlete Runner Sochi

  To lose a limb is a devastating and life changing loss for anyone that goes through it. That loss is made all the more devastating and poignant when your body is the athletic machine upon which your career and livelihood are based. Michelle Salt felt that crushing blow when her motorcycle slid off the road, slamming into the hillside in June 2011. Within minutes of the near fatal accident, responders arrived on the scene. Her mangled body was airlifted via helicopter to the nearest trauma center. The chilling voice recording of the paramedics are still available and give an...

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